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Late Shree Manmohan Desai.

The business of Film making is a peculiar business. It involves money and a lot of money. It is very rightly called ” Film Industry”. On one hand there are creative elements, and on the other the business elements. And there is a hidden ” tug of war ” between these two. Yes, in this drama the actor plays an important role. Through the actor the entire creative process is executed.

The actor needs to be very sensible and careful. The negative rumors about an actor, usually labels the actor as 1) Unprepared 2)Incompetent or 3) Difficult. The actor should be specifically cautious about being labeled “Difficult”. I personally have been at the receiving end due to this label.

Film making is a long tedious process. The actors are required to be with the crew and the rest of the cast for a long period of time. Its a creative process and the atmosphere needs to be conducive. In such a situation when an actor becomes “Difficult” the entire creative process receives a setback.

That’s why in the words of legendary Shree Manmohan Desai Saheb ” Actor unnees chalega….insaan bees hona chahiye” (One may be a lesser actor , but his/her conduct and behaviour should be centpercent)

This discipline and importance of right conduct and behaviour is inculcated in the actors of Mumbai’s Best Acting School “KREATING CHARAKTERS” -we groom actors.

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SAMAR JAI SINGH : Co-founder and Trainer @ Acting Institute in Mumbai



                                                                 ENTERING IN A SHOT ON A CUE.

While filming a scene, every action has a reason. It has to have a logic or should create its own logic. Good blocking (the movement of actors in a scene) adds to the meaning of the scene. Each action should be justified and be reasonable. One must question the movement or action and find a motivational factor.

It becomes very tricky for an actor to enter the frame in a running shot on the co-actors cue. Its all the more difficult when the co-actors back is towards the direction from where the actor is suppose to enter.

A couple of days ago on the location of ‘HEROPANTI’ (Tiger shroffs launch film) a comparatively inexperience actor got stuck in a shot. He was not able to figure out his cue to enter the shot. The co-actor on who’s cue he was suppose to enter was speaking very softly. The takes were not getting Okayed and the novice got panicked. Even started forgetting his dialogues. Then he was suggested to take his entry cue from co-actors gestures rather than dialogues.

In a situation like this, where you are not able to hear your co-actors dialogues, request your co-actor to add gesture while speaking or ask an asst-director to indicate you the moment you have to enter.

This camera technique is practiced by the actors during their course at India’s Top acting school, KREATING CHARAKTERS-we groom actors.

Whatever movement you are given by the director during a shot has to be legitimate…….credible……real……honest!!!


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Samar Jai Singh.

                                           LOVE FOR ACTORS “REPAYS”!!!


Exactly an year ago on the teachers day, 5th September 2012, I was going through the most agonizing moment of my life as an acting teacher and as a parent of my beloved “KREATING CHARAKTERS”. The wicked, hydra headed, excessively conceited and ego centric door to door diction tutor had plotted to strangulate my little baby “KREATING CHARAKTERS”.
This was my state of mind then… 
“On this auspicious ‘Teachers Day’, I pledge to strive n strive hard to save my little baby “KREATING CHARAKTERS”, Which has churned so many brilliant students, for me these students are extension of my own self, with a heavy heart, I beg to the LORD, my well wishers, ‘My Staff ‘, my colleagues n last but not the least my beloved STUDENTS, to support me on my mission, Few ‘Ego Clashes’ have left my baby KC gasping for life…. Won’t let u pass away. Need support”
It has been an year since the deprived politician has played the politics in the premises of ‘Kreating Charakters’ to indoctrinate the innocent staff and teachers, showing them the window of better prospects and taking them away to leave “Kreating Charakters’’ stranded. 

Despite of all these upheavals KREATING CHARAKTERS has come out victorious and rocksolid. Notches stronger then in presence of that self proclaimed acting teacher who has never acted in his entire career. Thus it is victory of the students who supported us throughout those treacherous times. I would specially mention the three batches who were undergoing their training at that time. Batch no.64 Batch no.65 and Batch no.66. They were a total 37 students and by gods’ grace not a single amongst them budged. They all trusted us, loved us and supported us.
All the student of batch no.64 (Sumit Ramola, Neha Kanwar, Rohit Kukreja, Dinesh Prajapati, Avinash Chauhan, Siddarth Agrawal, Pooja Narang, Bhushan Gaur, Nitin Kumar Sahu). They all had complete faith in us and shot their show reel with us at “Kreating Charakters”.

Batch no.65 (Mani Sharma, Taufik Bagwan, Ashish Pore, Shantanu Roy, Madhura Dalvi, Preeti Choudhary, Mehtab Mirza (pari), Sahil Kohli, Gaurav Pandey, Megha Joshi, Suchi Shah, Angule Mero). The crook diction tutor tried to misguide and manipulate these helpless innocent students, but they realized who is genuine and who would invest themselves for good of the students and thus completed their entire training with us. 

Batch no.66 (Rahul Tyagi, Nitin Dev Chauhan, Siddharth Gupta, Vikram Singh, Zubin Mehta, Rahul Menon, Charu Bakshi, Pravin Poojari, Sarvik Yadav, Sandip Thorat, Yash Patel, Herry Janwa, Aakash Sharma, Kiran Kumar, Udit Sawhery, Ajay Bafna). They were the youngest (junior most) and most vulnerable. When their second installment of fee was due, the door to door diction tutor, behaving like a “jilted lover”, broadcasted text messages to the students and their parents alerting them not to pay their dues, but to ‘no effect’. These students by then had realized that having white hair and lived more number of futile years doesn’t make one a respectable and earnest teacher.

One should realize that even a science teacher of standard 10th should have a minimum qualification of MSc (Master of Science). I fail to understand, how can a guy who has never faced camera in his entire life, (excepted for the fetish about the picture he clicks with celebrities) who has never ever been on stage, who has never smelt the smell of a film studio, who has never given a single audition and faced rejection an average actor faces, He who has never experienced the turmoil and negativity a new comer goes through, how can he empathise with such ‘actors’ and be their ‘mentor’ and well-wisher.
“zindagi mein kabhi bandook ko hath nahi lagaya aur chale fauj ko training dene” wah.!!!

I thank all our passed out students from the bottom of my heart. Throughout that torrid period they stood by us. The K.C ites gave us relentless support, they had unshakable faith in our ability as their teachers, they strongly recommended “KREATING CHARAKTERS” to their wards, kins, and friends as the ultimate destination to learn the craft of acting.
I am grateful to all the passed out students who not only recommended Kreating Charakters, but took out time to attend the classes and have a taste of the new revamped syllabus. Would specially mention the names Veebha Anand, Akriti Singh, Kartik Tiwari, Himanshu Malhotra, Sandesh Gour,Aditya Seal, Preeti Sood, Gaurav Pandey, Shivangi Singh, Narendra Jaitly, Sahil Meena, Mohit Malhotra, Monty Bakshi, Sunny Bohra, Neeraj Verma, Vikas Dahiya, Kartiki Sharma, Chandani Desai, Priya Joshi, Sagar Manto, Deepak Saksule, Labeeb Andrabi, Vikas Gupta, Siddhart Amar, Apoorva Mitra, Mahesh Sharma, Zoheb Siddiqui, Minisha Mendonza, Shrishti Sharma, Puja Lunawat, Rohit Singh, Parimal Vakhariya, Anurag Sadh, Kunal Sharma, Shyam Tiwari, Karan Gaba, Rahul Tyagi, Ankit Narang, Ali, Karan Lamba, Sidhant Gupta, Aryaman ( Ankit) Seth, Vikas Maharishi, Ishtyaq, Vikas Singh, Harry Josh,Utkersh Kanchan, Praveen Yadav, Ranjan Chabra,Priya Pandey, Krupa Shah, Neha Berry, Sumit Jindal, Anshul Gupta, Pragati Pandey, Gyanesh Moga, Izhar Khan, Arshad Khan, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Soni, Zima Barbora, Adhish Khanna, Aksshat Saluja, Raveena Taurani, Vicky Nayyar, Neeru Chopra, Archana Taide, Ananya Bhatt, Anshul, Vishal Gajaria, Randhir Chudhary (Ranoo), Nandini Sen, Chander Vikrant, Gautam Deepak, Kushwant Walia, Narendra Jetley. I might have lost out on few names, these were the guys who realized which were the genuine teachers who “understood the craft”, ” loved actors” and would invest themselves whole heartedly for the benefit and welfare of their students. Not like ones who sit in class fiddling with their blackberry and sipping coffee. 

From September 2012 to August 2013 in span of eleven months, KREATING CHARAKTERS has commenced eight batches, 103 actors have enrolled for the course, approximate average of 12 students per batch. 
These are the statistics which actually matter, not the ones collected by the film statistician and film historian for the blogs. A comparative review of the picture of the batches (from 67 to 74) speaks volumes as to which is the favoured and sought after acting school.

Isn’t it indignified for an owner of an acting school to go to some bodies home and take diction tuition. You have your pupil coming down at your school, they trust you, respect you and you like a struggling job seeker going to some bodies door to “click pictures with them”……..disgusting!! isn’t it?
At KREATING CHARAKTERS the door to door diction tutor was debarred from taking private tuition to preserve the dignity and esteem of “Kreating Charakters”. But no sooner he left he could not resist the urge to go back to his old ways. Thus, “You can keep feces away from swine, but can’t keep a swine away from feces”.

The deprived politician believes in creating an image of a teacher, thinking that it is the “perception“ that works, but unfortunately that’s not true. What works is how much you invest yourself as a teacher for the wellbeing of your pupil and the knowledge and the experience of the craft you possess and impart.
If he is an actor, acting student (seeker of acting as craft) and an acting teacher “worth his salt”, I invite him to compete with me on any platform.

Remember!!! Mr.Deprived politician, you had prophesied some people would go to mountains (Uttrakhand) for good, post December 2012, after the last installment of batch no.66. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FORECAST!!! 
Also do you Remember!!! The gesture that you made of “Slitting throat“ of “KREATING CHARAKTERS” sitting at KC office and now you are using the same “KREATING CHARAKTERS” brand name to piggyback and cheat innocent aspirants to run your kitchen.
Isn’t it the right time for you to go to the mountains and contemplate over the fact that it is not the perception of a teacher, but actual knowledge of acting craft and love for actors that works.
Last but not the least, I will always be indebted to my lawyer friends who took out time from their hectic schedule and stood by KREATING CHARAKTERS. 


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My heart bleeds when passed out students come to the institute in ‘despair’ and ‘hopelessness’. This is a heartless place, a dog bite dog industry. Getting rejected and being unemployed sitting at home is part and parcel of our profession. I have personally experienced that phase number of times.

There was a time in 1997-98, I was doing two mega shows simultaneously. Om Namah Shivay and Mrityunjay, was shooting 30 days a month. Om Namah Shivay was raking in television ratings of above 65 consistently. Situation changed and by 1998 end I had no work. I sat home without work for almost a year. Then “Gadar”-ek prem katha happened. The film was a block-buster hit, but again that did not translate into a professional success for me.

I have gone through that stuff, that’s the reason I understand the ‘vulnerability’ of young aspiring actors. I know of a diction tutor who refer to his students as “neev ka pathar”….meaning foundation stone of His success story….how cruel?..how mean?

If you ask me one word that guarantee you success in this highly competitive business..it would not be “talent” or “luck”…it would be “PERSISTENCE”.

The Actor who set goals and relentlessly work towards them shall almost always get work.

“You just cannot wait around and hope work will happen”

Constantly work towards your craft, attend workshops, be connected to the trade news, expand your network. Let people know what you do and how well you can do.

The truth is, you never know where ‘that break’ is going to come from so better be prepared.

“When ‘preparation’ meets ‘opportunity’ success happens”.

This psyche is deeply embedded in the actors of Mumbai’s Best Acting School KREATING CHARAKTERS- we groom actors.
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                    LEARN TO SHOOT “OUT OF ORDER”.

The most difficult problem a film or television actor faces is the fact that scripts are shot “Out of order”.


I just received the itinerary for the second schedule of “HEROPANTI”, Tiger shroff’s launch film. The schedule commences from first week of September. What we are going to shoot on this schedule is the interiors of the portion we had shot (exteriors) in April-May, at the actual location in Nabha (Punjab).


The problem actor faces,  is that he/she is suppose to maintain the continuity of emotions, graph of the scene and the continuity of physical actions (in this case it has been more than four months since we shot the exteriors). Whether the actor is getting inside (entering) or going outside (exiting) he/she has to match with what has already been committed in the exterior. The deception occurs when you are shooting two sequences, one after another, having diametrically opposite emotions. Suppose in a scene you portraying heighted anger almost on the verge of insanity and in the very next scene you are happily and lovingly conversing with the same character. These are exaggerated plot and circumstances, most scripts don’t have such drastic changes, but that makes acting more complicated, more subtle the change., more difficult is adapting to the performance.


TIME AND MONEY are the reasons why films and Television shows are not shot in the order they’re written. If the cast and crew are on the set, it is most efficient to shoot all the subsequent scenes that take place on the same set. All the scenes that take place in, let’s say, the living room will be shoot while the crew is in that locale.


Filming of scene with this approach is taught and practiced at India’s Top Most acting school “KREATING CHARAKTERS – we groom actors”.


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It was Thursday the 27th June 2005, that was a windy night with dark cloud cover, the monsoons had set in Mumbai. The time was half past nine, two young men were strolling down the road at Bangur Nagar Signal on the link road Goregaon. Discussing about acting as a craft, state of acting courses and acting schools catering to Mumbai film and T.V industry. It was evident from their conversation that their concern was an ideal acting course and schools suitable for contemporary, entertainment Industry. They were also contemplating a name for the school. One of them suggested “CREATING ACTORS”, the other fellow found the name too pompous and a bit too on the face.
They concluded the discussion by coining “KREATING CHARAKTERS”.
I was the one who came up with “KREATING” and my collaborator Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal complimented it with “CHARAKTERS”, that’s how our beloved “KREATING CHARAKTERS” was born.
Little above eight years on, on the 3rd of August 2013, we (Myself and Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal) were watching movie “Ramaiya Vastavaiya” the launch pad of Girish Kumar (batch no.9 of Kreating Charakters). It was heart-warming experience to see three alumni’s of KREATING CHARAKTERS, in one film. Along with Girish the film has Pankhuri Awasthi, and Harry Josh in pivotal roles.
Yes eight years have a been long and eventual journey. So far 71 batches have passed out from Kreating Charaktres, the 74th batch has commenced on 26th July 2013. Presently batch 72nd, 73rd, and 74th are in midst of their training. More than 800 actors have completed their training at “KREATING CHARAKTERS”.
A large number of our passed out students are seen working in Films, Television, T.V commercials, and Print ads. The feedback regarding the quality of acting by the actors of “Kreating Charakters” has been very encouraging. As a result “KREATING CHARAKTERS” has become the favourite and most sought after destination for customized training and script based workshops. Production houses and television networks such as Star Plus, Zee T.V, Life OK, Sohail Khan productions, Nadiadwala Grandsons Pictures, Mukkta Arts, Wide Frame Films, Revel Films, Contiloe Productions, Triangle Films, Colosceum Media, Sphere Origin etc are some of the organizations who regularly take services from “Kreating Charakters” to nurture and groom the talent hired by them.
Myself and Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal who are founders and promoters of “KREATING CHARAKTERS” are fortunate to be practicing professionals of the Film industry, Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal as an actor and writer and myself as an actor. Being regular actors in the film industry has kept us abreast of the latest acting approaches, procedures and apt techniques required by actors today. This is the reason why we at Kreating Charakters pay a lot of attention towards “Updation of the course” with time. The entourage of teachers at Kreating Charakters, are all ‘working actors’ from the film industry, No ‘Spent Forces’. We have teachers in our team who are alumni of NSD (National School of Drama) and have been teachers there.
As a part of updation of course since inception, we have included subjects such as Shooting a scene with technical execution, Short Play, Clowning, Movement, Story Adaptation, Classical Scene work etc. These updations have enhanced the training and made it more applicable while working on the sets. Kreating Charakters has open the doors for its passed out students to come and update themselves of these changes in the course without paying any fee. As a result, a large number of passed out students are coming back to the institute to learn and reinvent their craft.
We at Kreating Charakters firmly believe in the principle that trained actors should be the only options during the casting process. We follow the motto “KREATING SOMEBODY OUT OF NOBODY”. Abiding by this philosophy “Kreating Charakters” has it own casting wing called “Kreating Careers In Bollywood”. The intention is to constantly look out for acting jobs for our trained actors in Films, Television and TV Commercials. The casting wing has a very successful track record of placement for so many actors from the institute.
Now, Kreating Charakters completes eight years. There have been upheavals and traumas we have gone through in the recent past, but our commitment towards propagating “Acting as a Craft” has been intact and unshaken. For me and my collaborator at “Kreating Charakters” Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal this journey has been a single minded mission, “to make acting craft as a movement amongst young aspiring actors”. “A QUEST TO FIND A SPIRITUAL CONNECT WITH ACTING”, It would be our life’s work to pass on this deep rooted “sanskaars” to the generation of actors to come!!!

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Samar Jai Singh



Yesterday I was having an enriching conversation with one of our favourite actors at KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors, Adhaya Bakshi (Monty). This fellow is extremely focused and an artiste to the core. I observe him relentlessly working towards enriching his craft.

The discussion was about the steepest obstacle actors face, that is “getting casted”. Booking acting jobs on regular basis. For this one has to understand how the casting director(for that matter a person who sees you for the first time) perceives you, think of you.

Unlike in theatre, the time taken by screen writers to establish a character is very less. So, the actors face and body type should appropriately represent the characters image conceived by the writer and director.

It is not about what you think of your self, or what your parents, teachers and friends think of you. What matters is “What do strangers think of you, when they see our face for the first time?” What have friends told you, they first thought of you when they first met you(before they grew to know and love you for your self)?

Be brave enough to sit before a mirror and look very hard. Look at your eyes, nose, lips, ears, complexion, skin texture and blemishes, the hair line. See the wrinkles on the face or chubby baby face smoothness. And ask yourself, what would audience think seeing this? What sort of message, what sort of character comes across through my special unique looks?

I don’t mean that you are destined to play only one type of roles. But, what I am saying is, that as a newcomer you are more likely to be casted for your “looks rather than versatility.”

My suggestion ” USE IT OR LOOSE IT”

This approach and understanding is deeply imbibed in the actors of KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors , Mumbai’s Best Acting School.

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http://www.kreatingcharakters.inSAMAR JAI SINGH


One should be Intelligent enough to discriminate between two facets of a successful acting career. One is to groom yourself to enhance your craft and the other is to fetch acting assignments which propel your career.

I have noticed few acting schools (can’t name them) one run by a big T.V series production house, who are now successful producers of movies as well, another one run by the show man of bygone years, yet another one run by a company which organizes a T.V award function. They all talk about giving break to their students, but so far not a single actor trained by these schools have been signed by their respective production houses.

Apart from these big names, I know of a petty door to door diction tutor who claims to be an acting trainer, was associated with our academy for a while, had this peculiar tendency to flaunt his contacts with big production houses such as Yash Raj, Dharma and all big producers down south, giving false promises to young actors that he would get them casted, poor students in the hope of getting work would bribe him with gifts such as cell phones and digital Video cameras in returns. Isn’t this an another form of “Casting Couch”. But the bitter fact and the Irony is that he could not get his own son casted even in an episodic T.V Show on a regional channel. His paternal pride manifested when the lad got a mute part of a “mountain” in a flop Mytho-Musical T.V show though he mentions such works done by other students as obscure blink and miss role.(DOUBLE STANDARDS!! He has Plenty! He has two names, his son has two names but if any student would mention two names for themselves he would humiliate them publicly!)

Internet and social net working sites are a public platforms, “the deprived politician” had the blatantness to announce his Bhojpuri film on Facebook, which was suppose to launch his son as ‘first romantic star’. He signed nine actors from the Academy without paying them a single penny, was shamelessly distributing sweets in the school celebrating it. It has been more than three years and not a single frame of the said films is shot yet. Mr. Deprived Politician, the actors are waiting for the answer??

Similarly in last October the gentlemen had announced on a social networking site that his school is going to stage two shows of a play, one in Prithvi theatre, next in NCPA. Forget the rehearsals, even the casting has not been done so far. My only query is how can one take young aspirants for a ride? It’s high time, come off this habit of fraudulent promises on public platforms.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. The actor grooming industry is infested with such frauds. There are tutors in the business of training actors who are not even remotely associated with acting. They themselves are struggling since eternity to make their and their children’s career, manipulating and pleasing star kids. They live in isolation, their entire understanding of acting is hypothetical and based on hear say (kahani-kisse). They have never ever faced camera in their entire life or been on stage. They have never smelt the smell of a film studio. Never gone through the turmoil, hardships and pain of rejection on average actor goes through. Yet they are “self proclaimed” acting Gurus.

My request to all young aspirants is beware of such deceptions. Understand that there are two complimentary aspects of a successful acting career, mastering your craft and marketing yourself to find acting jobs. Acting schools help you in the former.

We at Kreating Charakters- we groom actors, The top most acting school of Mumbai, see to it that our actors are aware of these aspects.

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The opening lines of this eternal duet depicting love and commitment humms in my ears, on the occasion of the centenary of Indian cinema.

“RAJA HARISHCHANDRA” the first Indian Film by Dadasaheb Phalke was screened for the public on 3rd May 1913 in Bombay. Over these 100 years the love and craze of cinegoers in India has grown by leaps and bounds. Each coming year the number of films released have increased.

Indian cinema registers around 700 films every year in 30 different languages and dialects. Since the release of first film of the talkie era in 1931, Indian Cinema has produced around 77000 films till 2012. Out of which 12000 are Hindi Films. The year 2012 saw release of 105 Hindi Flms.

Here at the locationof HEROPANTI in Nabha(Punjab), a Film having a record of sorts, as there are large number of debutants in this movie, the atmosphere is jubilant as Cinema completes 100 years in India. So many young actors and film makers are being born to become the custodian of the rich heritage.

We at Indias Best Acting School KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors, salute Indian Cinema for reaching this milestone as well as scaling the peaks of glory and success. Since our inception in 2005, it has been our humble effort to enrich the Indian Cinema with best of the acting talent. This endeavour is a life long commitment of mine and my collaborator at KREATING CHARAKTER we groom actors, Mr Roopesh Thapliyal.

(All stats about Indian Cinema from internet)

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This is a question which is put forward by many young actors. The fact and the truth is YES IT DOES. What actually
it does is intensifies and amplifies any feature. Suppose if you have a large nose, the camera will make it even larger. If you are very skinny, hollow cheeked, high cheek bones and with apparently seen ribs the camera would make you look weak and ill, istead of adding ten pounds and making you look healthy.

All kinds of visual flaws on the face and physical shape and posture are enlarged and intensified. If you have scars or facial blemishes the camera would make them appear more prominent. A ‘soft’ chin and well filled up cheeks can add more then ten pounds. Each face has its own flaws, NO FACE IS A PERFECT FACE.

For actors rescue, make up can considerably help most of this. As a person working in front of the camera one should be aware of ones shortcomings and flaws. Take help of the wonders of make up and cosmeticians brush to get absolutely into film shape. At KREATNG CHARAKTERS we groom actors, the Top Most Acting School Of Mumbai, we conduct special sessions and seminar in Makeup for our actors.

The flaw which makeup can’t help is POSTURE. A slump which you might not be aware of could make you look like a hunchback. If that is the character you are portraying, great, keep that slouch, if not correct the posture. The camera would convey a message about you and your character that you don’t want to send.

So, beware of the fact that the camera amplifies, intensifies and enlarges your facial and physical (posture and weight) flaws. Correct them through appropriate make up and awareness.

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