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samar jai singhCONSIDER ACTING…..!

Not too long ago there was a time,when youngsters in small towns and even in metros, nurtured a deep dormant dream of becoming actors some day. Many such dreams reached an apathatic end.

I vividly remember back in April 1989 I expressed my desire to persue a career in acting, my father being a medical practitioner was aghast! He immediately put me on to one of his patient who was also a close family friend, running a film-distribution business, that gentleman without mincing his words told me this is no career! Pointing out, that only 10-15 top actors can make a living out of this profession.

Twenty years later times have changed, with advent of multiplexis and numerous TV channels pouring in, the entertainment industry is growing at a breakneck speed, gobbling every promising talent around . Isn’t it the right time to take THAT plunge?

Coming back to THAT hibernating dream, which am sure still lies within many hearts, isn’t it the right time to EVOKE IT…



Atleast gather courage to give it a valiant and honest attempt. So, THAT dream does not become a burden on your soul for the rest of your life.

CUM’ON…..consider ACTING!


Samar Jai Singh. Kreating Charakters.


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