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samar jai singh
….. BIG B revealing his pencil thin arms…..
GOOD ACTORS COME IN ALL CONFIGURATIONS- tall, short,fat, skinny, handsome,beautiful,homely,awkward, old, disfigured, handicapped and funny looking. They know what they are, and they have accepted themselves. If you are fat, you are fat, if your nose is crooked, it’s crooked, if your voice is squeaky,it’s squeaky, if you are afraid, you are afraid. You are what you are. Accept that, and work towards evolving your CRAFT AS AN ACTOR.
Go fetch a DVD of ‘Pati patni aur woh'( 1978 ) and watch Sanjeev Kumar in song ‘thande thande pani se nahana chahiye…..’ unbothered by his popping big belly, he is absolutely freaking out in the song. Instead of sucking his gut and hiding what could reduce his hero image in front of the camera, he is being intimate by revealing a truth about himself to the audience. As a result he creats a very personal bond with the audience. Dosn’t he comes across as some one from our extended family. BIG B revealing his pencil thin arms, wearing a vest, unconcerned with his ill-nurtured physique, grabs and snatches off a ‘rampuri’ knife from hulking Sharat Saxena in ‘Kala Patther'( 1981 ) . The sort of power and emotions he oozes, convinces the audience that this guy would beat the pulp out of the big fella.
If you don’t keep any secrets, only then you can share emotions with the audience. What you need is to accept and reveal the truth about your self.
A legend in his own right, and Indian cinemas most treasured gift to the film makers of the west Om Puri. Imagin what he must have gone through, when he made a decision that despite of a small-pox scared face he wants to be an actor. Awesome! What courage!
If you have the will to succeed and, if you are prepared for single minded effort to hone your ACTING CRAFT, then sky is the limit.
I repeat ……good actors come in all configurations.
…..ACCEPT WHAT YOU ARE and have courage to live your dream…..


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