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Shah Rukh Khan…..’you become stars over night, but it takes you a lifetime to become an actor…’


Acting probably is the most fiercely competitive profession in the world, I guess because of one reason , every one feels he can act.

There was a phase when I was commuting a lot in auto rickshaws, being a familiar face on television most of the auto rickshaw walas who drove me around recognized me, to my utter surprise almost onefourth of them had this latent feeling ” agar chance milega to hum bhi acting karenge”….. why most of us feel that acting would come so easily.

If one wants to be a cricketer or a painter or a music composer he accepts the need of talent and training. No one in his sanity would think of being a champion athlete or a world beater swimmer or even a concert tabla player without having started practice at a very young age. To excel you need atleast a decade of training…..but every one feels that acting is easy, and would come naturally…it is not so!!

Way back in November of 1992 , I had attended an acting workshop with superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who was then just one film old, his precious advise still hum my ears ”you become stars overnight, but it takes a life time to become a good actor”…

You might break into tears when you have a fight with your loved ones or when you watch a tearjerker, but it is an entirely a different ball game to get those tears in a scene or an audition….. and yes! for an untrained actor it could be a nightmare.

Acting, like any other art form requires you to Study, Master and Control the CRAFT. Which could only be achieved through dedicated practice and perseverance.

So, my request is that if you desire to be an actor in the entertainment business, get your self trained first, prepare your self thoroughly.

”LUCK” only happens when ”PREPARATION” meets ”OPPORTUNITY”

Look for a trainer who INVESTS all his energies on you,who can rests his STAKES on you!!

Samar Jai Singh.

Kreating Charakters .


Comments on: "ACTING AS CAREER: SAMAR JAI SINGH – 4" (2)

  1. I just love Samar’s acting in Om Namas Shivay. Looked so true in that role, just can’t stop watching him.

  2. Rajeshwari said:


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