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                                                                                        ACTING TIPS FOR YOUR CAREER IN BOLLYWOOD 3   

(Through This I wish to share my insights as a trainer with my students and other acting aspirants)  

 “ I would like to share this excerpt, as it echoes the Method of Training at KREATING CHARAKTERS.”


( This Appeared in DNA Thursday 18/10/12.)


On high she get when preparing for character and her approach.

There is a lot of fun when there is a film that requires the actor to prepare…it’s a very interesting process and I’d like to go through  in every film I do. As an actor my job is to observe. I like to observe. For me preparation is what I remember from my observations. I take that inspiration and put that observation into my role. A month before I start shooting , I sit with my director, try to understand  how he has visualized the character on the screen and take notes. Then I start working on the most basic thing – the look. It is very important that the physical appearance of the character gets decided because if I look the character, it makes it all the more believable .

Working on the background and dialect.

I go into the finer nuances of what the girl is like, her background. Though you wouldn’t see that in the film, the before and after of the character is very important. And then from there, if the character is from UP, I have to get the accent right. Puneri  girls speak in a very different way, their  Hindi and English is very accented.

Her Metamorphosis as an actor.

When I came into the industry I was just 16. At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing. One of the films I did back then was Hey Ram,  where I worked with Kamal Haasan. I found the environment very different and disciplined. I was doing films but I had no love for films. With Hey Ram that started changing. And then the critics come into the picture to show you the mirror.

Her Philosophy as professional.

My portrayals are often the amalgamation of  who am I and how the character was written and how I perceive her. My logic is simple. You spend 100 days working on a film and those 100 days have to be special. They have to be moments that you would remember as a special time in your life.





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