We Groom Actors at Acting Institute Kreating Charakters , Acting School for Films

                                                                                         ACTING TIPS, FOR YOUR CAREER IN BOLLYWOOD – 5

(Through This I wish to share my insights as a trainer with my students and other acting aspirants)                                                                                                CULTIVATE THE SENSE OF DRAMA, LEARN TO PLAY WITH RHYTHM

When doing a scene or Even in audition situation learn to PLAY WITH THE RHTYM.

Rhythm is a very integral tool of an actors craft. An actor who can control and change the rhythm of the flow of thoughts and expressions, has an intrinsic quality of DRAMA in his/her performance.

‘DRAMAS’ Simplest definition is  WHEN NORMALLY IS CHLLENGED AND FLOW IS  BROKEN : If an actor  can achieve this he/she would always look very interesting on the screen.

So, inculcate this habit of playing with the rhythm, use your VOICE- pitch Play, Tempo, a pause or a stress but sound interesting.

Like wise change the rhythm of your body language and expressions,  ‘BREAK THE MONOTONY’

Whether during shooting a scene or while giving an audition start using change of ‘Rhythm’ and remember:                                                                                                                                               ‘’IF YOU MAKE YOUR PERFORMANCE INTERESTING PEOPLE WILL TAKE INTEREST IN YOU’’





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