We Groom Actors at Acting Institute Kreating Charakters , Acting School for Films

(Through this I wish to share my insights as an actor/trainer with my students and other acting aspirants)
We Indians have a very special place for sadness as an emotion in our culture. This reflects in the content of our films and TV Shows as well.
Its quite an irony, an actor is considered a serious actor only if h

e connects deeply with ‘PATHOS'(sorrow/sadness). Just ponder over the body of work of the legendry actors in bollywood. Wether its Dileep Kumar saheb, Raj kapoor saheb, Sanjeev kumarji, Mr Bachchan, Rajesh Khannaji and more recent Shah Rukh Khan or Amir Khan. They all have been part of films where central emotion was sadness. If you think of their memorable scenes you would definately pick one packed with pathos.
I remember once I was reading an interview of legendry beauty Rekha. When she was on the top competing with the eternal dream girl Hema Malini. This was some times in mid eighties. The interviewer asked her “on what grounds Hemaji scores over her?” Rekhaji like a bighearted competitor said”Hema Malini looks beautiful even when she cries”
So! Specially for my girls students”NEVER DISTORT YOUR FACE WHILE CRYING ON SCREEN.” Don’t reach the emotion by forcing your self. ‘Just be genuinely affected and let the emotion flow and yes ! If you can master the trick for tears to flow….then its -sone pe suhaga’


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