We Groom Actors at Acting Institute Kreating Charakters , Acting School for Films


This profession can be a great joy or it can drive one insane. Interacting with a bunch of actors, few have been around in the business for couple of decades and some are just two years old in the industry. Talking to them, knowing them better one realizes how this rude, ruthless, indifferent industry has altered their personality and righteousness.

We actors are freelance employees. We are hired for a job and when its over, we are unemployed. ‘Next job might be tomorrow, next week, next month or God knows when.’ So yes we need to plan ahead.

I have observed many young actors over-extend themselves right in the begening of their careers, on seeing first sign of success. One should keep in mind this is a very unpredictable bussiness. They take loans by big cars, bigger apartments and fall in the trap of debt.

Once in debt, they make it harder on themselves by trying to maintain a lifestyle, with which they not financially comfortable. The only option they are left with, is to run after daily soaps, one after another
“Strangulating” the actor within. This leads to “frustration” and “stres”.

The advise we give to young actors at Indias Top Most Acting Institute “KREATING CHARAKTERS” we groom actors, is keep finances in order, lighten up and enjoy life bit more. Be in a position where” WHAT YOU WOULD REALLY LIKE TO DO ‘YOU SHOULD’ DO”!!!




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