We Groom Actors at Acting Institute Kreating Charakters , Acting School for Films


As the name suggests, you go to a place away from the studio to shoot a film or a TV show. Location is a public place,”where people from the area are allowed to watch shooting”. If you are shooting at a place away from Mumbai(people here are accustomed to shooting in public places) the distractions can be nerve wrecking. Their curiousity is enormous. They constantly stare at you, shout and even ask for photographs. It doesn’t matter to them even if you are playing a tiny part. The fact that you are present with the films unit makes you a celebrity. What do you do then “HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR FOCUS?”

Location is a busy chaotic place. There are people watching you, unit fallows doing their job, you are surrounded by all kinds of technical equipments. A slight distraction from these activities would ruin the scene.

An actor should have ability to “seperate the mind in two parts”. One part makes note of the technical requirements,the other ignores them and focuses on creativity.

When you acheive this sort of focus throughout your scene, your performance will acheive a sensibility in which the audience”WOULD LOOSE ‘YOU’ THE ACTOR, THE PERSON AND WOULD ACCEPT THE ‘CHARACTER”.
It is now the audience would laugh and weep with you.

This intrinsic craft and ability is taught to the actors of Indias Best Acting School “KREATING CHARAKTERS” we groom actors.




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