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This is my maiden experience, sharing screen space for a movie with my student. But, the secret is that I silently desire and pray that these occasions should be more freequent.

On 14th June 2012, I met Tiger Shroff the Hero of HEROPANTI. This was the first dayof his grooming with Indias Best Acting School KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors. He was a shy, recultant and an introvert boy. Atheletically built had tremendous passion for gymnastics and martial arts. Hardly had any inclination for acting. But yes, a handsome boy of handsome father.

As the training went by I realized, he was a very sensitive, intelligent and focused boy.Very well brought up, all credit to his parents. Had outstanding grasping and adapting ability, very humble and down to earth, carried no baggage of being a star son, I remember he use to travel in auto rickshaws and buses.

After his generic training was over at Indias Top Most Acting Academy KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors, we worked on the customised grooming for his film. There was a trial shoot held in october 2012, at Kamalistan Studios in Mumbai. During the shoot one could see the glimpses of his hold over his craft. There were few visitors at the studio and they were absolutely enchanted by his persona and looks. My heart murmured a “Super Star” is about to be born.

Here on location at Nabha, a confrontation scene was being shot between Tiger and the legend in his own right Mr Prakash Raj. The shot was set up …’action’ was called….trolly moved…the boy spoke his lines with passion making a flawless graph…the maestro was bewildered and taken a back. Acknowleged the immaculate performance of the debutante. My guts said the “Next Super Star” is here. I could feel my head held high in pride.


KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors is not only the favourite destination for grooming young talent amongst the industry folks, we feel exteremely humbled and entrusted when our passed out students send their freinds, siblings and even children to their former acting school.

One such new arrival in the KC family is Virat Vakharia, he is a student in KC batch no 71, his father Mr Parimal Vakharia was student of batch no 9. Mr Parimal, apart from being a flourishing bussinesman freequently acts in various TV shows. Likewise brother of TV Star Zoheb Siddiqui, KC Batch no 40 Arbaz is enrolled in KC Batch no 69, He is currently undergoing his training.

Me and my collaborator at KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors Mr Roopesh Thapliyal, take a lot of pride and feel privileged on being entrusted with this responsibility, this trust has enhanced our commitment towards our mission.

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