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In a film you hardly shoot two or three scenes in a day. The pace of shooting a film is quite slow, there’s a lot of time on the set . The fact is they shoot the master shots first, one should be aware that the coverage, the ‘closeups’ will be shot later in the day. So the actor need to keep alive and energetic right till the end of the day.

A “close up” is your moment as an actor, you are alone in the shot, all eyes are on you. You should not bother about about being scrutinise while giving a take, but you need to give your absolute best to this little shot. The ‘entire moment’ you are experiencing will be amplified.

Here at the location few actors who are not familiar with film acting often wonder, how can any one act with camera so close? Isn’t it distracting? Sometimes the camera need not be close to you for a close up. All that camera man needs to do is change the lenses.

I very well remember while shooting the climax of GADAR – ek prem katha,near Bikaner (Rajasthan). The sequence where the train in which Tara Singh (Mr Sunny Deol) and his family are traveling is blocked and cordoned by the Pakistan Army. As soon as the train stops I had to speak my dialogues. There were three cameras rolling on the other side of the track, at least 40 meters away from where I was. One of the camera was following me in a ‘close up’, being comparatively raw than, I was not aware of it, I only realized when I was dubbing for the sequence. I asked the associate director, how come I have a close up here, yet the cameras were at a distance. He informed me it was shot on ‘Telly’, where the cameraman can zoom close to the actor. So its not necessary that the camera should be close to you for a close up. This is practiced very often in shooting TV shows.

Truth of your performance shows up in close ups. One has to save his best for that bit of a shot. There are special classes dedicated to orient actors about this facet of the craft at India’s Top Most Acting School KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors.

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