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This is a question which is put forward by many young actors. The fact and the truth is YES IT DOES. What actually
it does is intensifies and amplifies any feature. Suppose if you have a large nose, the camera will make it even larger. If you are very skinny, hollow cheeked, high cheek bones and with apparently seen ribs the camera would make you look weak and ill, istead of adding ten pounds and making you look healthy.

All kinds of visual flaws on the face and physical shape and posture are enlarged and intensified. If you have scars or facial blemishes the camera would make them appear more prominent. A ‘soft’ chin and well filled up cheeks can add more then ten pounds. Each face has its own flaws, NO FACE IS A PERFECT FACE.

For actors rescue, make up can considerably help most of this. As a person working in front of the camera one should be aware of ones shortcomings and flaws. Take help of the wonders of make up and cosmeticians brush to get absolutely into film shape. At KREATNG CHARAKTERS we groom actors, the Top Most Acting School Of Mumbai, we conduct special sessions and seminar in Makeup for our actors.

The flaw which makeup can’t help is POSTURE. A slump which you might not be aware of could make you look like a hunchback. If that is the character you are portraying, great, keep that slouch, if not correct the posture. The camera would convey a message about you and your character that you don’t want to send.

So, beware of the fact that the camera amplifies, intensifies and enlarges your facial and physical (posture and weight) flaws. Correct them through appropriate make up and awareness.

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