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One should be Intelligent enough to discriminate between two facets of a successful acting career. One is to groom yourself to enhance your craft and the other is to fetch acting assignments which propel your career.

I have noticed few acting schools (can’t name them) one run by a big T.V series production house, who are now successful producers of movies as well, another one run by the show man of bygone years, yet another one run by a company which organizes a T.V award function. They all talk about giving break to their students, but so far not a single actor trained by these schools have been signed by their respective production houses.

Apart from these big names, I know of a petty door to door diction tutor who claims to be an acting trainer, was associated with our academy for a while, had this peculiar tendency to flaunt his contacts with big production houses such as Yash Raj, Dharma and all big producers down south, giving false promises to young actors that he would get them casted, poor students in the hope of getting work would bribe him with gifts such as cell phones and digital Video cameras in returns. Isn’t this an another form of “Casting Couch”. But the bitter fact and the Irony is that he could not get his own son casted even in an episodic T.V Show on a regional channel. His paternal pride manifested when the lad got a mute part of a “mountain” in a flop Mytho-Musical T.V show though he mentions such works done by other students as obscure blink and miss role.(DOUBLE STANDARDS!! He has Plenty! He has two names, his son has two names but if any student would mention two names for themselves he would humiliate them publicly!)

Internet and social net working sites are a public platforms, “the deprived politician” had the blatantness to announce his Bhojpuri film on Facebook, which was suppose to launch his son as ‘first romantic star’. He signed nine actors from the Academy without paying them a single penny, was shamelessly distributing sweets in the school celebrating it. It has been more than three years and not a single frame of the said films is shot yet. Mr. Deprived Politician, the actors are waiting for the answer??

Similarly in last October the gentlemen had announced on a social networking site that his school is going to stage two shows of a play, one in Prithvi theatre, next in NCPA. Forget the rehearsals, even the casting has not been done so far. My only query is how can one take young aspirants for a ride? It’s high time, come off this habit of fraudulent promises on public platforms.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. The actor grooming industry is infested with such frauds. There are tutors in the business of training actors who are not even remotely associated with acting. They themselves are struggling since eternity to make their and their children’s career, manipulating and pleasing star kids. They live in isolation, their entire understanding of acting is hypothetical and based on hear say (kahani-kisse). They have never ever faced camera in their entire life or been on stage. They have never smelt the smell of a film studio. Never gone through the turmoil, hardships and pain of rejection on average actor goes through. Yet they are “self proclaimed” acting Gurus.

My request to all young aspirants is beware of such deceptions. Understand that there are two complimentary aspects of a successful acting career, mastering your craft and marketing yourself to find acting jobs. Acting schools help you in the former.

We at Kreating Charakters- we groom actors, The top most acting school of Mumbai, see to it that our actors are aware of these aspects.

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