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Yesterday I was having an enriching conversation with one of our favourite actors at KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors, Adhaya Bakshi (Monty). This fellow is extremely focused and an artiste to the core. I observe him relentlessly working towards enriching his craft.

The discussion was about the steepest obstacle actors face, that is “getting casted”. Booking acting jobs on regular basis. For this one has to understand how the casting director(for that matter a person who sees you for the first time) perceives you, think of you.

Unlike in theatre, the time taken by screen writers to establish a character is very less. So, the actors face and body type should appropriately represent the characters image conceived by the writer and director.

It is not about what you think of your self, or what your parents, teachers and friends think of you. What matters is “What do strangers think of you, when they see our face for the first time?” What have friends told you, they first thought of you when they first met you(before they grew to know and love you for your self)?

Be brave enough to sit before a mirror and look very hard. Look at your eyes, nose, lips, ears, complexion, skin texture and blemishes, the hair line. See the wrinkles on the face or chubby baby face smoothness. And ask yourself, what would audience think seeing this? What sort of message, what sort of character comes across through my special unique looks?

I don’t mean that you are destined to play only one type of roles. But, what I am saying is, that as a newcomer you are more likely to be casted for your “looks rather than versatility.”

My suggestion ” USE IT OR LOOSE IT”

This approach and understanding is deeply imbibed in the actors of KREATING CHARAKTERS we groom actors , Mumbai’s Best Acting School.

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