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It was Thursday the 27th June 2005, that was a windy night with dark cloud cover, the monsoons had set in Mumbai. The time was half past nine, two young men were strolling down the road at Bangur Nagar Signal on the link road Goregaon. Discussing about acting as a craft, state of acting courses and acting schools catering to Mumbai film and T.V industry. It was evident from their conversation that their concern was an ideal acting course and schools suitable for contemporary, entertainment Industry. They were also contemplating a name for the school. One of them suggested “CREATING ACTORS”, the other fellow found the name too pompous and a bit too on the face.
They concluded the discussion by coining “KREATING CHARAKTERS”.
I was the one who came up with “KREATING” and my collaborator Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal complimented it with “CHARAKTERS”, that’s how our beloved “KREATING CHARAKTERS” was born.
Little above eight years on, on the 3rd of August 2013, we (Myself and Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal) were watching movie “Ramaiya Vastavaiya” the launch pad of Girish Kumar (batch no.9 of Kreating Charakters). It was heart-warming experience to see three alumni’s of KREATING CHARAKTERS, in one film. Along with Girish the film has Pankhuri Awasthi, and Harry Josh in pivotal roles.
Yes eight years have a been long and eventual journey. So far 71 batches have passed out from Kreating Charaktres, the 74th batch has commenced on 26th July 2013. Presently batch 72nd, 73rd, and 74th are in midst of their training. More than 800 actors have completed their training at “KREATING CHARAKTERS”.
A large number of our passed out students are seen working in Films, Television, T.V commercials, and Print ads. The feedback regarding the quality of acting by the actors of “Kreating Charakters” has been very encouraging. As a result “KREATING CHARAKTERS” has become the favourite and most sought after destination for customized training and script based workshops. Production houses and television networks such as Star Plus, Zee T.V, Life OK, Sohail Khan productions, Nadiadwala Grandsons Pictures, Mukkta Arts, Wide Frame Films, Revel Films, Contiloe Productions, Triangle Films, Colosceum Media, Sphere Origin etc are some of the organizations who regularly take services from “Kreating Charakters” to nurture and groom the talent hired by them.
Myself and Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal who are founders and promoters of “KREATING CHARAKTERS” are fortunate to be practicing professionals of the Film industry, Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal as an actor and writer and myself as an actor. Being regular actors in the film industry has kept us abreast of the latest acting approaches, procedures and apt techniques required by actors today. This is the reason why we at Kreating Charakters pay a lot of attention towards “Updation of the course” with time. The entourage of teachers at Kreating Charakters, are all ‘working actors’ from the film industry, No ‘Spent Forces’. We have teachers in our team who are alumni of NSD (National School of Drama) and have been teachers there.
As a part of updation of course since inception, we have included subjects such as Shooting a scene with technical execution, Short Play, Clowning, Movement, Story Adaptation, Classical Scene work etc. These updations have enhanced the training and made it more applicable while working on the sets. Kreating Charakters has open the doors for its passed out students to come and update themselves of these changes in the course without paying any fee. As a result, a large number of passed out students are coming back to the institute to learn and reinvent their craft.
We at Kreating Charakters firmly believe in the principle that trained actors should be the only options during the casting process. We follow the motto “KREATING SOMEBODY OUT OF NOBODY”. Abiding by this philosophy “Kreating Charakters” has it own casting wing called “Kreating Careers In Bollywood”. The intention is to constantly look out for acting jobs for our trained actors in Films, Television and TV Commercials. The casting wing has a very successful track record of placement for so many actors from the institute.
Now, Kreating Charakters completes eight years. There have been upheavals and traumas we have gone through in the recent past, but our commitment towards propagating “Acting as a Craft” has been intact and unshaken. For me and my collaborator at “Kreating Charakters” Mr.Roopesh Thapliyal this journey has been a single minded mission, “to make acting craft as a movement amongst young aspiring actors”. “A QUEST TO FIND A SPIRITUAL CONNECT WITH ACTING”, It would be our life’s work to pass on this deep rooted “sanskaars” to the generation of actors to come!!!

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Visit www.kreatingcharakters.in)

Samar Jai Singh


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