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                    LEARN TO SHOOT “OUT OF ORDER”.

The most difficult problem a film or television actor faces is the fact that scripts are shot “Out of order”.


I just received the itinerary for the second schedule of “HEROPANTI”, Tiger shroff’s launch film. The schedule commences from first week of September. What we are going to shoot on this schedule is the interiors of the portion we had shot (exteriors) in April-May, at the actual location in Nabha (Punjab).


The problem actor faces,  is that he/she is suppose to maintain the continuity of emotions, graph of the scene and the continuity of physical actions (in this case it has been more than four months since we shot the exteriors). Whether the actor is getting inside (entering) or going outside (exiting) he/she has to match with what has already been committed in the exterior. The deception occurs when you are shooting two sequences, one after another, having diametrically opposite emotions. Suppose in a scene you portraying heighted anger almost on the verge of insanity and in the very next scene you are happily and lovingly conversing with the same character. These are exaggerated plot and circumstances, most scripts don’t have such drastic changes, but that makes acting more complicated, more subtle the change., more difficult is adapting to the performance.


TIME AND MONEY are the reasons why films and Television shows are not shot in the order they’re written. If the cast and crew are on the set, it is most efficient to shoot all the subsequent scenes that take place on the same set. All the scenes that take place in, let’s say, the living room will be shoot while the crew is in that locale.


Filming of scene with this approach is taught and practiced at India’s Top Most acting school “KREATING CHARAKTERS – we groom actors”.


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