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My heart bleeds when passed out students come to the institute in ‘despair’ and ‘hopelessness’. This is a heartless place, a dog bite dog industry. Getting rejected and being unemployed sitting at home is part and parcel of our profession. I have personally experienced that phase number of times.

There was a time in 1997-98, I was doing two mega shows simultaneously. Om Namah Shivay and Mrityunjay, was shooting 30 days a month. Om Namah Shivay was raking in television ratings of above 65 consistently. Situation changed and by 1998 end I had no work. I sat home without work for almost a year. Then “Gadar”-ek prem katha happened. The film was a block-buster hit, but again that did not translate into a professional success for me.

I have gone through that stuff, that’s the reason I understand the ‘vulnerability’ of young aspiring actors. I know of a diction tutor who refer to his students as “neev ka pathar”….meaning foundation stone of His success story….how cruel?..how mean?

If you ask me one word that guarantee you success in this highly competitive business..it would not be “talent” or “luck”…it would be “PERSISTENCE”.

The Actor who set goals and relentlessly work towards them shall almost always get work.

“You just cannot wait around and hope work will happen”

Constantly work towards your craft, attend workshops, be connected to the trade news, expand your network. Let people know what you do and how well you can do.

The truth is, you never know where ‘that break’ is going to come from so better be prepared.

“When ‘preparation’ meets ‘opportunity’ success happens”.

This psyche is deeply embedded in the actors of Mumbai’s Best Acting School KREATING CHARAKTERS- we groom actors.
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