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                                                                 ENTERING IN A SHOT ON A CUE.

While filming a scene, every action has a reason. It has to have a logic or should create its own logic. Good blocking (the movement of actors in a scene) adds to the meaning of the scene. Each action should be justified and be reasonable. One must question the movement or action and find a motivational factor.

It becomes very tricky for an actor to enter the frame in a running shot on the co-actors cue. Its all the more difficult when the co-actors back is towards the direction from where the actor is suppose to enter.

A couple of days ago on the location of ‘HEROPANTI’ (Tiger shroffs launch film) a comparatively inexperience actor got stuck in a shot. He was not able to figure out his cue to enter the shot. The co-actor on who’s cue he was suppose to enter was speaking very softly. The takes were not getting Okayed and the novice got panicked. Even started forgetting his dialogues. Then he was suggested to take his entry cue from co-actors gestures rather than dialogues.

In a situation like this, where you are not able to hear your co-actors dialogues, request your co-actor to add gesture while speaking or ask an asst-director to indicate you the moment you have to enter.

This camera technique is practiced by the actors during their course at India’s Top acting school, KREATING CHARAKTERS-we groom actors.

Whatever movement you are given by the director during a shot has to be legitimate…….credible……real……honest!!!


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Samar Jai Singh.


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