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Late Shree Manmohan Desai.

The business of Film making is a peculiar business. It involves money and a lot of money. It is very rightly called ” Film Industry”. On one hand there are creative elements, and on the other the business elements. And there is a hidden ” tug of war ” between these two. Yes, in this drama the actor plays an important role. Through the actor the entire creative process is executed.

The actor needs to be very sensible and careful. The negative rumors about an actor, usually labels the actor as 1) Unprepared 2)Incompetent or 3) Difficult. The actor should be specifically cautious about being labeled “Difficult”. I personally have been at the receiving end due to this label.

Film making is a long tedious process. The actors are required to be with the crew and the rest of the cast for a long period of time. Its a creative process and the atmosphere needs to be conducive. In such a situation when an actor becomes “Difficult” the entire creative process receives a setback.

That’s why in the words of legendary Shree Manmohan Desai Saheb ” Actor unnees chalega….insaan bees hona chahiye” (One may be a lesser actor , but his/her conduct and behaviour should be centpercent)

This discipline and importance of right conduct and behaviour is inculcated in the actors of Mumbai’s Best Acting School “KREATING CHARAKTERS” -we groom actors.

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SAMAR JAI SINGH : Co-founder and Trainer @ Acting Institute in Mumbai


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