We Groom Actors at Acting Institute Kreating Charakters , Acting School for Films

                                                                                                                                                                                ACTING AS A CAREER IN BOLLYWOOD-5: BY SAMAR JAI SINGH.


I am resuming my writing of blogs ( Earlier I had written 4 Blogs Acting As A Career  ) for my students and acting aspirants in Bollywood . Today 20th October 2012, Exactly 23 years after I had first time faced camera in Bollywood .

First time I alighted on Bombay Central Station. With eyes full of dreams, on  26th June 1989. Four months later I begged a very small part in a Rajiv Rai film, Produced under Trimurti Pictures banner  “VISHWAATMA”. It was, FRIDAY 20TH OCTOBER 1989, I vividly  remember that particular scene was shot in a garden of a lavish bungalow in Walkeshwar, over looking the  Arabian sea. It was my humble entry in hugely star studded film.

I have a very clear memory of that scene which we shot, there was a young sort after star, with lots of stakes riding on him “Chunkey  Pandey”. A well established T.V actor, baritone voiced had a descent buzz  about him in the film industry as well,  Mangal  Dhillon. There were three first timers, Idris Malik ( An NSD pass out ) Vishwajeet  Pradhan  (He had appeared in ‘Fauji’ the T.V series )and my self who knew nothing about acting.

A week ago I read an article about actor Vishwajeet  Pradhan ,  in Bombay Times and was pleasantly surprised to know that he has done close to 200 films in past 23 years and few pivotal roles on Television.




Believe me that is a very healthy acting career for an actor who is in his mid forties.  Yet  a lots of years left with him as an actor.

And  Where are the rest?

I was wondering what is deemed to be a successful acting career in Bollywood. Is it a career of a star who shines suddenly like a meteor  and fades out as quickly or a career where an actor has lasted in the film industry for 20-25 years. Personally  I feel,  the later.

As a trainer I come across this query every now and than  “ Mujhe kaam milega sir ” ( sir will I get work ).  This question is put to me by all most all the youngsters whom I come across, not only in the institute but even outside.

I was contemplating what it takes for an actor to have a long inning in Bollywood . I realized there are three complimentary elements which go hand in hand.


 1.How well one administers his/her resources  i.e  monitory funds and time,

2. Constant Enriching of your craft as an actor.

3. Your Networking and Relations in the film fraternity.

I will cover all these three topics  in my following blogs.





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